Please note: Teleconferencing options may be available to reduce travel time and allow greater committee involvement. There will also be options for different levels of involvement from committee members.We are always seeking volunteers!

Program Committee

Ashley Golden, First Vice President


The program committee is responsible for coordinating our monthly educational meetings, which focus on the core SGMP mission: education, resources and networking. As a Program Committee member, you can look forward to opportunities to shape the educational offerings at our monthly meetings including: providing input into topic & presenter selection and delivery methods of trainings, gaining experience in logistical coordination, developing project management, planning and teamwork skills. 

Membership Committee

Debbie McCune, Second Vice President

503-581-4325, ext. 128|    

Recruitment and retention are the goals of the membership committee. Recruitment includes connecting with prospective new members, sharing the benefits of membership and coordinating a membership drive while retention is keeping our members engaged and connected throughout the year.  With these goals and by being an enthusiastic ambassador for GOSGMP, your efforts will grow our membership! 

Finance Committee

Christina Caudillo, Treasurer

541-848-8839 |

The finance committee works within the chapter budget and selection process to determine eligibility and award scholarships for the GOSGMP Annual Education Conference as well as the SGMP National Education Conference.  Committee members assist with registration and on-site payment at the monthly GOSGMP meetings as well as working with the Fundraising committee.  

Communications & Marketing Committee

Kara Null, Immediate Past President

503-947-7515 |

Jan Johnston, CGMP, Planner

971-673-0154 | 

The communications & marketing committee gets the word out!  Responsibilities include contributing to our quarterly GOSGMP chapter newsletter, keeping our website relevant and up-to-date and using social media.    

Community Relations Committee

Sharell Lien, CGMP (Board Liaison), Planner Director


The community relations committee is responsible for setup up the chapters community outreach programs and for coming up with ideas to lessen our carbon footprint on the world.  If you are interested in helping give back, this is the committee for you.

Fundraising Committee

Kristi Reed, Supplier

503-779-1602 |

Erica Amesbury, Supplier

503-214-4008 |

$HOW US THE MONEY! The goal of the fundraising committee is to generate funds for the chapter to provide scholarships for the National Education Conference and the GOSGMP Annual Chapter Conference.  You will help with the raffle at the monthly meetings, solicit donations as well as help coordinate any additional fundraising activities.  


Awards Committee

Kara Null, Immediate Past President

503-947-7515 |

The awards committee celebrates our members by recognizing our members’ successes and support in the operations of our chapter.  The committee promotes the awards as well as sends and collects nominations for the annual awards: Planner of the Year, Supplier of the Year and The Quintessential Cuisine Award which is awarded to the property or venue that has shown outstanding performance and creativity in presentation, food, and overall experience for chapter members.  

Chapter Annual Conference Committee

Jan Johnston, CGMP, Planner and Past 1st Vice President, Secretary, and Communications Director

971-673-0154 |

Rocci Taylor, Planner

541-231-3078 |

The conference committee plans the annual conference including agenda, selection and coordination of speakers, topics, and logistics. This committee will communicate closely with other committees for budget, membership, fund raising and promotion of the conference.   



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