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Code of Ethics

Because we recognize that government planners and the hospitality industry are companions functions within the meeting planning fields, and

Because sound cost-effective transactions must be mutually profitable, and

Because cooperation between government meeting planners and suppliers will reduce the cost of meetings with consequent benefits to the hospitality industry and to the national economy as a whole,

We, therefore, subscribe to the following standards of professionalism in the relationship between government meeting planners and suppliers and within the industry as a whole.

  • To avoid misrepresentation in all business dealings, recognizing that permanent business relations on a professional level can be maintained only on a basis of honesty and fairness.

  • To buy and sell on the basis of value, recognizing that value represents that combination of quality of service and price which assures the greatest ultimate economy to the user.

  • To respect obligations incurred that neither express nor imply a performance which you cannot reasonably expect to fulfill.

  • To adjust and settle disputes on the basis of facts and fairness only.

  • To recognize that character is the greatest asset in commerce and to give it consideration in all business transactions for the betterment of the profession.

  • To avoid statements tending to injure or discredit and to divulge no information acquired in confidence with the intent of giving or receiving an unfair advantage in a competitive business transaction.

  • To provide, accept or demand no gifts or entertainment, under the guise of sales expense, where the intent or effect is to unduly influence the recipients in favor of the donor, and to renounce all forms of commercial bribery.

  • To strive constantly for education and growth of knowledge within the profession.

  • To counsel or mentor undefined and to accept counsel from colleagues undefined whenever the occasion permits, for the advancement of the profession and the Society.

  • To not use the Society, or allow the Society to be used, for overt commercial or personal purposes.