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GOSGMP 2020 Scholarship Application

 GOSGMP Chapter Scholarship Application

2020 Annual GOSGMP Conference

Sunriver Resort, Bend

February 23-25, 2020

Questions should be addressed to the chapter president or scholarship committee chair.


Deadline for submissions: January 17, 2020

Send Form To: Michele Clifford

[email protected]



Eligibility for Chapter Members:

  • All scholarships are intended for chapter members who might not be able to attend the Annual conference without financial assistance. Chapter members whose agency or chapter would otherwise provide full funding for them to attend are not eligible.
  • A member who has received a chapter scholarship in the past may apply, but might not be considered depending on the volume of applications submitted.
  • Scholarships are distributed as chapter funding and budget allows.


Responsibilities of Chapter Recipients during and after the Conference:

  • Attend all general sessions and workshops during the annual conference (verified by signing in at each session).
  • Introduce one session speaker at chapter conference.
  • Provide information about the conference experience that will be included in an article for a future chapter newsletter. Article must be submitted to: Michelle Tiernan


Instructions for Chapter Applications:

  • Answer each question thoroughly; if it is not applicable, enter “N/A.”
  • Responses will be based on chapter activity for the period of January 1 – December 15, 2019.
  • Application must provide a copy of meeting attendance or Contact Hours Certificates for verification of meeting attendance.
  • Application must be an electronic document sent to: Michele Clifford and must be received by January 17, 2019. Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Scholarship recipients will be notified by Michele Clifford as to whether they have been selected.


Section 1 – About You


Name: ____________________________________________________________________

E-mail address: _____________________________________________________________

Agency/company: ___________________________________________________________

Phone number: _____________________________________________________________

Cell phone number: __________________________________________________________

I am seeking

____     planner member conference registration ($150.00)

____     supplier member conference registration ($325.00)


Section 2 – Your Involvement with GOSGMP

(Unless otherwise noted, responses should be based on calendar year 2019 activities)


  1. Length of Chapter Membership.

____     1-2 years (3 points)

____     3 years or more (5 points)


  1. (10 points each) Confirm by noting the year you were certified.

______ CGMP   ______ CMP   ______ CHSP   ______ CHSC   ______ other (list)


  1. Monthly Meeting Attendance. (2 points per meeting attended) If all were attended, an extra 5 points will be awarded. List months attended January 2019 through December 2019.




  1. Committee Involvement. List committees of which you are a contributing and active Please include your accomplishments on those committees. (Up to 5 points per committee).







*If you are not currently on a committee but would be interested in joining one please mark which committees you would be interested in.

_____  Awards Committee

_____  Hospitality & Fundraising Committee

_____  Program Committee

_____  Communications & Marketing Committee

_____  Finance Committee

_____  Membership Committee

_____  Community Relations & Sustainability Committee

_____  Nominations & Elections Committee


  1. Previous Annual GOSGMP Conference Attendance. (1 point per year; 3 points maximum) List date(s) and location(s).

____________________     _______________________     _______________________    


  1. Support of Chapter. (10 points maximum) Describe other ways you support the chapter and participate in chapter activities (fundraising, community projects, mentoring, etc.).




  1. Explain why you would like to attend the GOSGMP Annual Conference



I confirm that, if selected, I will attend all educational sessions at the 2019 Annual GOGSMP Conference. In addition, I will write an article about my experience at the conference and will submit it to Michelle Tiernan no later than March20, 2019. I understand that, in exchange for complimentary registration, I agree to be held accountable for all conference tasks (on-site and off-site) that will be assigned to me as a part of this scholarship agreement and that my failure to abide by this agreement could result in a request for repayment of part or all of the complimentary items I am scheduled to receive.


____     I will not be able to attend if registration is not covered.



Scholarship Applicant Signature                                        Date




The chapter scholarship committee will be composed of at least 3 members but no more than 5 (including the chapter president) who are not applying for a chapter scholarship. There must be at least one supplier and one planner on the committee.


The scholarship committee chair or chapter president will provide scholarship applications to members approximately one month prior to the Annual Conference, giving instructions for application and responsibilities of recipients.


Committee chairs must complete the Committee Member Report indicating level of involvement.


The committee will review the applications and supporting documentation, allocating points for each item and determining a score for each applicant. The scores determine who receives a scholarship and how funding will be allocated.


The committee’s recommendations will be presented to the chapter board for approval.


The committee will notify recipients.


If the recipient cannot attend the conference and has received any advanced funds from the chapter, those funds must be repaid to the chapter within five (5) business days of notifying the chapter scholarship chairperson and/or president that the recipient will not be able to attend. 


The recipients must fulfill their responsibilities. Failure to do so will make them ineligible for future scholarships. The committee is responsible for ensuring that those responsibilities have been met.