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President's Report

Thank you everyone for “Stepping up” and attending our Annual Education. What a fantastic event and we learned a few things along the way too!

We had exceptional speakers this year! Who would have thought an emergency preparedness presentation would make me laugh so hard I snorted, or a presentation on contracting would leave me wanting more, or that during a presentation I would find myself relaxing, and being present just by a few mindfulness practices. As well as, trying to decipher how Brent Webb was able to read Monica Peas’ mind!

This was the year of the Michelle! Our Planner and Supplier of the Year were both Michelle…Michelle Bryant as the Planner of the Year and Michelle Tiernan as the Supplier. Congrats, you both are very deserving!

My sincere gratitude for those individuals who volunteered their time and created a fun educational conference. An extra special thank you to Michelle Bryant, Jenny Moore, Lila Duncan, Michelle Tiernan, Kristi Reed Erica Amesbury, Rachel Watkins and the Sunriver Resort.

On a serious note: due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the April 2 meeting was cancelled and we likely cancel our meeting in May as well.

Until then may you and your families be well and look for the positive. Remember our thoughts are the only thing we can control.
Looking forward to being together again soon,

Jacque Carlisle
GOSGMP President

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Conference Recap

At the 2020 GOSGMP Annual Education Conference, members enjoyed both wonderful education and entertaining activities. Sunriver was the perfect backdrop, providing a perfectly-time recharge in the Corvid-19 impacted meeting industry.

Brett Webb's show was a breathtaking, dramatic, and energetic voyage into the potential reaches of our minds. He demonstrated how we can combine mental and emotions energies to create what we want to experience more of in our life.

Debbie Dennis, the Oregon Department of Administrative Services Chief Procurement Officer, presented on contracting rules important to event planners and facilitated a lively and engaging discussion using member contracts. Debbie provided links for further study HERE

Andrew Phelps offered an eye-opening presentation about Emergency Preparedness, alerting most members to the fact that we are not well prepared! Janice Johnston will share her impressions on Mr. Phelps’s talk in a separate article in June.

Members caught up on last years’ life experiences and as they enjoyed spirits and a great buffet at the Annual Banquet. The silent auction and playing card raffle were huge hits and raised $4,000 for the GOSGMP Scholarship fund.  Congrats to Erica Amesbury and Kristi Reed for mounting such a successful fundraising effort!

Planner of the Year and Supplier of the Year Awards announced at the event. Michelle Bryant-Bowlin was honored with the Planner of the Year Award. Michelle works at the Oregon Department of Transportation where she provides coordination and oversight of executive and administrative suport activities for the Oregon Transportation Commission.  20019 was a huge year for Michelle on the personal side as well.  She got married, gave birth to a beautiful little boy named Wayne and bought a house!

Michelle Tiernan, Best Western Plus  Agate Beach Inn Sales Manager, received the Supplier of the Year Award for her contributions as Chapter Communication Chair and chapter website support. She is also the GOSGMP Sustainability Enthusiast and presented a Green Meetings program at the GOSGMP February monthly education Meeting.

Day 3 at the GOSGMP Conference brought Change-Resiliency and Stress Management lectures by Emily Nascimento and Kathy Gruver, respectively. Ms. Nascimento addressed the neuroplasticity of our brains and the need for mindfulness in our daily life to engage our mind’s potential. She led us through a calming and centering breathing technique.

Ms. Gruver spoke about the value of meditation in creating a focused and balanced approach to life’s stressors. She demonstrated a mantra method of meditation that reduces mind chatter and helps us to be calmer and more productive.

The final lunch was full of laughter and farewells as attendees celebrated with a picnic style buffet and the announcement of the 2021 GOSGMP conference location: The Best Western Plus Agate Beach Inn on February 28 – March 2, 2021. 

Members wanting to work to create another memorable GOSGMP Annual Education Conference in 2021 can contact the conference committee at [email protected]



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Guest Article

First off, what is stress? Stress is a perception that demands are going to exceed our resources. It’s a feeling that we aren’t going to be able to handle what is coming. Or, it’s a threat…real or imagined. Now, when we’re walking down a dark street and someone jumps out at us, that is a real threat (perhaps) and we should absolutely have that fight or flight response. But we’ve all had a situation where we’ve freaked out about the snake just find out it was a garden hose. The fight or flight response is incredibly helpful in ensuring our survival. But today, so much of our stress is that perception of danger. The boss says, “I want to see you first thing Monday morning.” Ack! There goes your weekend and you make up stories as to what she wants. Are you in trouble? Are you getting fired? Did she find out I’ve been taking post it notes and pens home? Sure this situation may lead to something negative (or not, we don’t know) but is it fight or flight worthy? Not really. As you find yourself having a strong reaction to something ask yourself is it fight or flight worthy? Often not. It’s about training ourselves to recognize our reactions, responses and behavior and making a conscious choice and effort to make changes.

              Now, right now, I want you to stop reading this article. Well, in a second. Right now, I want you to take a deep inhale and exhale and then come back to reading…I’ll wait. Great, that might have been the first conscious breath you took today. What that breath does is anchor us back in our body, signal to our brain that we are okay so it stops the stress response and triggers a relaxation. It also allows us to take a pause. And in that pause, there is power. It allows us to decide whether we are going to respond to something or react to something. And isn’t it the reactions that get us in trouble? That pause is power and it’s one of the most important things you can do. Now, I want you to do that breath again, but this time really observe the breath. See if you can notice where the inhale starts and stops, and there’s a little pause before the exhale starts and stops. You’ll notice when you do that that you slow down. Go ahead and take a second to close your eyes and do that slower, more focused breath. The breath is more intentional and again, stops that flight or fight. If you have no time to do anything else during a stressful situation, this will be enough to help you relax and regain control.

              Let’s talk about the here and now for a second before the next technique. So, the key to this stress reduction thing is that stress isn’t the problem. WHAT!? I know, it sounds crazy. But it’s really not the problem. The reason it’s not the problem is that you can’t control the stress. It’s some outside thing. You can’t control the traffic, or the government or the neighbor. We only have control over our thoughts and responses to thing. This is where the breath work and the other techniques help. It gives the power back to us to make a different choice about how we respond to the things that are thrown at us.         

The other technique is the mini meditation. This is one of my favorite techniques and I’ve taught it around the world. So, do that breath again and this time on the inhale think, “I am.” And on the exhale think, “at peace.” And repeat over and over. If other thoughts intrude, dismiss them without judgment and return to the breath and the mantra. This can be done anytime, anywhere by anybody!! Including you. And as Type A as I am? If I can do it, I know YOU can.

I hope you find this info helpful. Please reach out if I can be of any assistance or if you’d like to grab a copy of one of my books. www.KathyGruver.com or www.KathyGruver.coach

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Community Service

The GOSGMP Conference attendees partnered with the Wonderland Express for the Community Service part of the event. The Wonderland Express provides toys and memorable holiday experiences filled with laughter and fun to children from vulnerable families. 
GOSGMP Conference attendees donated over 50 toys for children from ages 8 -14 as part of the effort.


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Sponsors Page

Thank you to the 2020 GOSGMP Annual Education Conference Sponsors!

Seven GOGSGM Supplier Members STEPPED UP to support the GOSGMP Annual Education Conference by becoming Conference Sponsors!

We had one Gold Sponsor:
 The Grand Hotel Salem & Salem Convention Center

We had three Silver Sponsors!
Travel Portland
Pendleton Convention Center
The Seaside Civic and Convention Center

We had three Bronze Sponsors too!
The Grand Hotel at Bridgeport
Oregon Convention Center
Sheraton Portland Airport

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Welcome New Members

Welcome New GOSGMP Members!

Jennifer Hlad, Oregon DCBS

Jennifer Illinen, University Place Hotel & Conference Center

Nic Jonsson, Salishan Resort

Kim Payne, Oregon Judicial Department

Lisa Trevino, League of Oregon Cities

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Special Announcements

In alignment with State of Oregon's efforts to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the GOSGMP Board of Directors has cancelled the April 2, 2020 monthly lunch meeting.

Information on the May 7, 2020 GOSGMP lunch meeting will be posted shortly.

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