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President's Report

Happy new year everyone! 

We are already off to a great start to the new-year! We had an amazing education luncheon last month, Garland Peddy was a wealth of information! I think she may have inspired a few members to go out and obtain their CGMP!

I’m very excited for our annual educational conference at Sunriver, February 23-25. If you haven’t registered for the conference, there is still time. We have excellent speakers who I believe will bring something new for everyone. A big thank you to Michelle Bryant, Jenny Moore and committee mentor, Lila Duncan, for creating a stellar line up of speakers. You know we will have a lot of fun too!

I look forward to you joining us and seeing you on the other side of the mountain. 

Be well, Jacque

PS - If you haven’t heard, registration for NEC 2020 has opened. Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned government meeting professional, you know that government regulations affecting travel, logistics, protocol, business practices and more present challenges to those who plan and supply goods and services for meetings. That is why 2020 NEC exists — to propel government meeting professionals forward so you have both the education you need to be successful in your career and the personal connections you need to get the job done efficiently.

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Conference Update

The 2020 GOSGMP Conference Lineup is packed with exciting, fun and informative Speakers!

The Opening Keynote Speaker is Brent Webb with Rethink the Impossible. Webb's performance is an extraordinary blend of mystery, humor, psychology, and intuition. Brent dazzles the mind as he challenges his audiences to question what is real and what is unreal; what is possible and what is impossible.

Monday Morning brings Debbie Dennis, Department of Administrative Services Chief Procurement Officer speaking on Government Procurement – negotiable clauses vs. non-negotiable, legal terminology, contract language, and attrition. Ms. Dennis will present important contract information and then facilitate a discussion using actual supplier contracts.

Disaster Preparedness is the focus of the afternoon sessions. What role suppliers and planners can play in the event of a statewide emergency and post disaster, how to integrate our community and efforts, and practical discussion when planning an event. Andrew Phelps, Director of the Office of Emergency Management will speak, then lead a discussion on the topic.

Tuesday morning starts with Change Resiliency – practical change management, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and self-regulation practices. Emily Nascimento, Oregon Department of Transportation Learning and Development Consultant and Leadership Coach will inform and empower attendees to create more residency in their own lives.

The Closing Keynote speaker Kathy Gruver Ph.D. will present Conquer Your Stress: Go from Worrier to Warrior – practical stress reduction techniques, self-care, and work/life balance. Dr. Kathy Gruver is an internationally recognized speaker and motivational powerhouse. She will move you with her passionate storytelling, provide you with actionable tools, and leave you empowered to change your life. Gruver has written 7 books, which have earned 12 awards, and has presented on 4 continents, 3 cruise ships, and a handful of islands.

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Sponsors Page

Seven GOSGMP Supplier Members have STEPPED UP to support the GOSGMP Annual Education Conference by becoming Conference Sponsors!

We have one Gold Sponsor:

The Grand Hotel Salem & Salem Convention Center:

The Grand Hotel in Salem, features 193 luxurious, beautifully appointed guest rooms and suites.  Headquarters hotel for the Salem Convention Center, and adjoining Bentley’s, we pride ourselves on exceeding each of our guest’s expectations, every visit. 

The Salem Convention Center is conveniently located in the heart of Salem’s downtown. It offers more than 30,000 square feet of versatile meeting space as the perfect venue for weddings, social events, multiple-day conventions and workshops and meetings.

We have three Silver Sponsors so far!

At Travel Portland the Convention Services and Housing team works with the meeting planner to coordinate meeting details and services before, during and after the meeting.

Hood River Hotel was built in 1911 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Hood River Hotel is the place to stay in Hood River, Oregon.

Pendleton Convention Center:  Conference planners, event coordinators and show runners all enjoy the extra effort our team members make to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.   

We have three Bronze Sponsors too!

The Grand Hotel at Bridgeport: Located within walking distance of the Bridgeport Village Shopping District in Tigard, Oregon, the hotel has 124 guestrooms and suites, 2,150 square feet of flexible meeting space and offers first class service and amenities.

Oregon Convention Center: sustainability is in our DNA. It’s who we are and what we do.  We’re passionate about cultivating diversity, advancing equality and practicing inclusion in all the work we do. People Planet and Progress. It’s how we work toward a better tomorrow.

Sheraton Portland Airport: Located on the grounds of Portland International Airport, our hotel is the ideal destination for both business and leisure travelers.  Group travelers appreciate our modern meeting rooms and group rates for room blocks.

We need even more support to produce the incredible conference that is being created.  Please STEP UP today and join these awesome Sponsors!

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Who doesn’t love the Annual Conference Silent Auction? Strolling slowly up and down the tables, your eyes scanning the auction items as you try to decide on which to bid.  How much should I bid? How much others will bid?  And that last 5 minutes when you walk more briskly, monitoring the two or three items that you simply must have.  Oh, why didn’t I raise my bid earlier.  Hastily up-bidding one more time – hoping that it’s enough….

Please bring silent auction items so we can make this year’s Annual Conference Silent Auction the very best ever! If you need a prompt, the conference theme is Stepping Up and the banquet theme is Mardi Gras!

The Wine/Beer Wall is self-explanatory. Donate wine. Donate beer.  Buy wine. Buy beer. Drink wine…. you get the idea. According to inside sources, “Wine wall is a fun way to donate to the chapter and get a surprise bottle of wine. You can choose between red and white.”

What is a Swap Shop? How do I do it? Step One: Donate gently used clothing and household items to the Annual Conference Swap Shop; a thrift shop just for GOSGMP members and just during the annual conference.  Step Two: take time to browse for all sort of things that you never knew you really needed during the conference breaks.

The last fun(d)raising activity is the Lottery Raffle game that will be played during the banquet.  Explanation and rules will be provided at the banquet. (because I really didn’t understand it very well.)

To summarize – bring money, silent auction items, wine and/or beer and gently used clothes or household items.  Leave with silent auction items, beer and/or wine and gentle used clothes or household items, but no money.

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Community Service

Wonderland Express is an amazing event which provides over 100 vulnerable families in the Central Oregon area with a memorable holiday experience filled with fun and laughter.

“Our hope is that these families, for at least one day this year, can put aside their troubles and concerns and share the wonder and magic of the season with each other,” says Wonderland Express spokesperson.

At each of the past 17 events, Wonderland Express has hosted up to 400 individuals (children and their families). The families chosen represent economically challenged and at-risk families in Central Oregon, who have been identified by family advocates.

To create this, a cadre of dedicated volunteers begin shopping for winter clothing and toys early in the year. GOSGMP has joined this cadre!

Please bring your donation items to the GOSGMP Annual Education Conference Registration Area for the 2020 Wonderland Express!

Items needed:  Ages 8-14, clothes or toys (puzzles, books, games, etc.) Boys' and girls' items both needed. Items should have a $20.00 maximum limit (per item).

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