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Welcome To The Greater Oregon Society Of Government Meeting Professionals

Improving The Quality Of Government Meetings

Since 1989, the Greater Oregon Chapter of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals (GOSGMP) has been dedicated to improving the knowledge, expertise, and cost effectiveness for individuals responsible for planning and managing government meetings through education, communications, and industry relationships.

GOSGMP is one of 30 chapters of SGMP, joined together in the mission of providing quality meeting planning education, training, and networking opportunities for meeting planners and suppliers. We are a non-profit professional organization comprised of professionals involved in planning government meetings, either on a full or part-time basis, and those individuals who supply services to government planners.

From the GOSGMP Board,

It’s hard to believe it was a year ago when we all met for our holiday monthly meeting that included a robust holiday raffle exchange, which was a blast! Also, Carolyn Wence won the Winter Wonder Fund raffle.

We were preparing for our annual conference at Sunriver. After coming back from a fun and exceptional educational conference, all of our lives changed. The events of 2020 have and continue to reshape and evolve how we interact and communicate with each other and celebrate the moments in our lives. Sadly, the Board decided to postpone the Annual Education Conference until February 2022.

This year has been full of disappointments and tragedies for many of us. I think that each of us in some way has been touched by these tragedies, whether it was due to the pandemic, racial injustices or the catastrophic fires. This has been one of the most difficult years we have endured as a community.

Acknowledging all that we have been through this year, I still hope you can take a moment to remember the moments of joy and give thanks for the things we do have in our lives, be it food on the table, the children in our arms, or the love in our hearts. Whatever it is for you, I wish you find joy in this coming holiday season. We can’t wait to be together again!

Have a safe and warm holiday.

Your GOSGMP Board, Debbie, Jacque, Joann, Lila, Michele, and Sharell,

2020/2021 in Review

At the 2020 GOSGMP Annual Education Conference, members enjoyed both wonderful education and entertaining activities.

2020 conf
Sunriver was an excellent backdrop, providing a perfectly-time recharge in the Corvid-19 impacted meeting industry.Group Picture from the 2020 GOSGMP Conference in Sunriver.

At the conference banquet, GOSGMP members caught up on last years’ life experiences and as they enjoyed spirits and a great buffet. The silent auction and playing card raffle were huge hits and raised $4,000 for the GOSGMP Scholarship fund. Congrats to Erica Amesbury and Kristi Reed for mounting such a successful fundraising effort!

Planner of the Year and Supplier of the Year Awards announced. Michelle Bowlin was honored with the Planner of the Year Award. An ODOT meeting planner, Michelle had a huge 2019 on the personal side as well.  She married, gave birth to a beautiful little boy and bought a house! Michelle Tiernan, Best Western Plus Agate Beach Inn Sales Manager, received the Supplier of the Year Award for her contributions as Chapter Communication Chair and Sustainable Meeting Guru.

Debbie Dennis, the Oregon Department of Administrative Services Chief Procurement Officer, presented on contracting rules important to event planners and facilitated a lively and engaging discussion using member contracts. Andrew Phelps offered an eye-opening presentation about emergency preparedness, alerting most members to the fact that we are not well prepared! 

Day Three brought change-resiliency and stress management lectures by Emily Nascimento and Kathy Gruver, respectively. Ms. Nascimento addressed the neuroplasticity of our brains and the need for mindfulness in our daily life to engage our mind’s potential. Ms. Gruver spoke about the value of meditation in creating a focused and balanced approach to life’s stressors. She demonstrated a mantra method of meditation that reduces mind chatter and helps us to be calmer and more productive.

The 2022 GOSGMP conference location will be the Best Western Plus Agate Beach Inn on February 20 – February 23, 2022. Members wanting to work to help create a memorable GOSGMP Annual Education Conference in 2022 can contact the conference committee at: [email protected].

Monthly Meetings

Breaking Bread with your GOSGMP Colleagues was GOSGMP’s first zoom educational meeting in October 2020.

Members joined GOSGMP colleagues and shared about the “Newest Normal” in Government Meetings. We shared how our work live have been impacted by the Oregon challenges – the Labor Day wildfires, COVID-19 policies and restrictions and the hospitality industry crisis. Most importantly, we shared about our personal experiences.  GOSGMP friends supported one another, offering fresh ideas and creative fixes.

At the November 5th GOSGMP zoom lunch educational meeting, we covered all the basics of planning a Hybrid Meetings. Three panelists led the way:

Planner Panelist: Carole Astley, CMP, MPI Award Committee member.
Venue Panelists: Tim Mongin, CMP, DES and founder of My Meetings Online, Portland, OR.
Technical Panelist: Jay Holloway, Audio Visual, and Meeting Technology Specialist and co-owner of Peak Audio Visual, Brush Prairie, WA

Ms. Astley shared how she and her committee created a hybrid event when one was needed for the Oregon MPI Awards Ceremony. Mr. Mongin taught us the basics of planning a hybrid meeting from a planner and venue perspective. Mr. Holloway explained how to decide how much technology and tech assistance you’ll need for each kind of event. 

December brought us our third zoom educational meeting on Plain Communication.

The Oregon Department of Transportation’s Shelley Snow, taught us to write clearly, concisely and effectively. Plain language is required in Oregon for all public documents…it’s the law! Who knew? There is both an art and a science to writing clearly – Ms. Snow covered both. She shared the five rules of plain language and the three steps to effective emails. Shelley answered many questions and solved common conundrums. Audience members aired their communication pet peeves and left the session empowered to communicate.

Janaury 2021 started with Resiliency Training

Certified HeartMath Mentor, Michelle Tiernan, lead the meeting attendees through basic HeartMath techniques and information. In this group adventure, we learned and used proven HeartMath techniques to create heart coherence. That heart coherence then enabled positive emotional outlooks, increased vitality, better brain function and even intuition. The techniques were simple and mastered very quickly. Attendees could apply them immediately to real life situations for quicker rebounds and increased ease with life.  We learned and practiced two simple HeartMath Techniques to start. Then we explored the relationship between heart coherence and resiliency. We learned how incoherence created low energy levels and brain fog while heart coherence results in higher energy levels and increased brain function.